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Orion Expedition Cruises

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Australian Islands

Orion's exploration of the islands of tropical North Queensland will reveal the beauty of Australia's World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, with ample opportunity for basking on white sandy beaches and snorkelling over vibrant corals teeming with tropical marine life.

The Kimberleys & Arnhem Land

Nothing can fully prepare you for the dramatic contrasts of Australia's north-west, rich in Aboriginal culture and galleries of ancient artwork. Towards the west, in the historic pearling town of Broome, the colours of nature are vibrant and intense: rich red earth, azure blue seas and brilliant white sand beaches. North of Broome lies the ragged Kimberley coast, a place you can only comprehend from the sea. Rugged gorges, inlets, waterfalls plunging 100 metres all combine for an awe-inspiring experience you simply can't have by travelling overland.

New Zealand & Sub-Antarctica

These expeditions to the Sub-Antarctic islands are designed for nature lovers and photographers alike. The remnants of the old whaling station on Macquarie Island, the high cliffs and numerous caves and arches formed by marine erosion on Campbell Island and the enormous sea stacks on the southern peninsulas of Snares present dramatic contrast to the prolific bird life, penguins, seals, sea lions and flora in this remote sanctuary.


During the peak of the southern hemisphere summer, Orion offers travellers a unique opportunity to venture to the Continent of Antarctica. Orion sails from Australia and New Zealand, crossing the Antarctic Circle to places redolent with history and adventure.

Along the way the wildlife they encounter will astound you. The Sub-Antarctic islands are home to penguin breeding colonies numbering in the millions, to Elephant Seals and Hooker Sea Lions, and the endangered Wandering Albatross.

More Orion Cruises Information

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